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HD Undertale Remix - Bonetrousle (The Living Tombstone Remix) [Papyrus Theme EDM OST Cover] - GameChops

Undertale Remix - Bonetrousle (The Living Tombstone Remix) [Papyrus Theme EDM OST Cover] - GameChops
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DOWNLOAD THE LIVING TOMBSTONE BONETROUSLE ► To celebrate the 1 year anniversary of Undertale and its awesome OST, youtube legend The Living Tombstone collaborates with GameChops to release his multi-genre EDM remix of Papyrus' Theme, BONETROUSLE!▾ DOWNLOAD THE LIVING TOMBSTONE’S BONETROUSLE ▾iTunes ► Spotify ► Play ► Loudr ► - Credits — Produced by The Living TombstoneMastered by Dj CUTMANArt by JaxxyVideo by Cutman PlaysReleased by GameChops, 2016UNDERTALE PLAYLIST ► ▾ FOLLOW LIVING TOMBSTONE▾►►Video by Cutman► Additional CG by Beeple ► SUBSCRIBE ► SPOTIFY ► VIDEO GAME REMIX PLAYLISTS ► ▾ ABOUT GAMECHOPS ▾GameChops is a record label for video game remixes, started by Dj CUTMAN in 2010. We focus on high quality productions of video game music we love.Many of our remix albums have had the video game compositions mechanically licensed by our friends at Loudr.fm. Because of this, we can offer GameChops music with a Creative Commons license that allows you to use our music in your content and videos. All we ask is you download our music legally, credit the remixer, and link back to the GameChops channel (or the song you used.)You can support GameChops by buying some music and subscribing to our channel. Visit for more information and full discography▾ FOLLOW GAMECHOPS ▾► ► ► ► ►
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