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HD The Prophet - One Moment (Bass Modulators Remix) (Official Preview)

The Prophet - One Moment (Bass Modulators Remix) (Official Preview)
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Buy & Stream Links:Hardstyle.com: scantr.ax/62niTunes: scantr.ax/62eSpotify: scantr.ax/60dDeezer: scantr.ax/62oBeatport: scantr.ax/62pJunodownload: scantr.ax/62qGoogle play: scantr.ax/62rWatch trailer: youtu.be/uGUfswjb0os«After over two decades of performing and producing, I decided time had come for me to produce MY FIRST ALBUM.For me the creative process has been a wild ride on the most insane rollercoaster: I was touched, challenged, shaken and flipped upside down at times. Not knowing which side was up or down, day or night. All in all a cathartic experience.I experimented with melodic, old school sounds, hardcore, euphoric, and aggressive. All very different but with one thing in common… BALLS! Music can also be melodic, sentimental...the „softer shit,“ so to speak.Every twist and turn of this ride, every emotion you will find on this album. While creating this album, several words kept repeating in my head like a mantra over and over and over. When I put all these words together they form my acronym for LOUDER: Limitless, Overruling, Unstoppable, Distorted, Epic & Raw.LOUDER is what I feel, is what I love, is what I breath and crave and thrive on. LOUDER is what I am!To all of my true fans across the years, my partners, friends, colleagues & buddies: I wanna thank all of you for standing next to me and for keeping me sharp and true!Truly yours,THE PROPHET»Connect with The Prophet: www.facebook.com/djtheprophettwitter.com/djtheprophet @djtheprophetinstagram.com/djtheprophet
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