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HD The Sound Of Love - The Sound Of Love

The Sound Of Love -  The Sound Of Love
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New beautiful song by The Sound Of Love...with the same title...enjoy this lovely song and images of summer...because,summer is coming!Vocals, lyrics: Evguenia Ratsouk Music, production: Philippe Di Mascio SUPPORT MUSICIANS, BUY AND DOWNLOAD THEIR MUSIC FROM:All videos contained within this video are not the property of mine. However, if you wish to have your music removed from my channel, please contact me at my private email and I will remove it immediately…Please rate, leave comments & subscribe, if you like it ;)Lirycs:White and sandy beach… Pure water sleeps… Hear the sound from which Poor mermaid weeps — - It’s the sound of love — Deep as it can be! True and pure love Of a soul so free… She is in the waves — Tiny fragrant Miss; And the water tastes As her little kiss… She is in the wind — And her curly hair Might fly as the wings Of the open air! -
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