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HD Gourmet Race - Drumstep [ dj-Jo Remix ]

Gourmet Race - Drumstep [ dj-Jo Remix ]
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Art from Kirby Air Ride (Gamecube)Support on iTunes, and Google Play!Back to video game music remixes!I'll be trying to do more of these remixes. I know I haven't remixed a Zelda song in about 3 months but I'll be back in the VGM remix business soon ^_^anywaysI've always wanted to remix this song ever since I heard it on the old smash bros game, so heres my version of itI went all out as you can tell xDEnjoy!alsoBe sure to join the listening party on the 17th for my upcoming Album on GameChops«Katamari Dance With Me»Dj CUTMAN will be playing the album before it comes out ;3---Patreon: Support my Patreon for high quality mp3 downloads, uncompressed instrumentals, my VSQx files to see how I tune my Vocaloids, and more!___Download: Official Website: Bandcamp: iTunes:
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