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HD Eptic - Jurassic

Eptic - Jurassic
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Eptic — JurassicStream/Buy: Back with a vengeance this month is the hugely popular dubstep fiend Eptic, who returns to Never Say Die with his ‘Immortal’ EP. A hugely versatile artist with an ever-growing fan base, the Belgian drops this new collection on June 29th. The infectious rhythm of ‘Spellbound’ instantly hooks you in with Eptic’s trademark unique sampling and glitchy melody. Next up is ‘Ectoplasm’ which features label mate MUST DIE!.. Pulse-raising and full of jittering bass whomps, here is a another example of a great NSD partnership. The third original takes the form of ‘Jurassic’, a murky and almost military style cut, whilst an atmospheric Trampa remix of ‘Space Cats’ rounds off the EP nicely. Once again displaying a creative eye behind his production, Eptic’s ‘Immortal’ EP is another polished bass offering. Subscribe for latest official videos, releases and teasers
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