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HD Booka Shade - Line of Fire

Booka Shade - Line of Fire
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Booka Shade — Line of Fire [ONELOVE]Get it here: German techno titans Walter Merziger and Arno Kammermeier, AKA Booka Shade, know a thing or two about creating a club anthem, and, like most artist's responsible for some classic moments of dance floor magic, they also have a knack for seamless collaboration.On May 1st the duo will once again flash their modern relevance as they bring in acclaimed Swedish-Norwegian singer/songwriter, Karin Park, to lend her talents on their peak-hour anthem «Line of Fire,» which appeared on their 2014 EP of the same name. Last month, they even remixed Park's own collaboration with Pandora Drive. Like another dynamic and ethereal soprano Karin (Dreijer Andersson of Röyksopp fame), Park is perhaps best known for her appearance on dance record, Maya Jane Cole's 2013 album cut «Everything.»On her Booka collab, Park lends an airy, haunting vocal that, as the title suggests, light fire to even the darkest corners of the room. The extended vocal mix will be accompanied by remixes from Tube & Berger, 9 Squares and new local superstars Dance Cult --Xelon Entertainment is Australia's premier digital music distribution company offering a comprehensive service across Australia and New Zealand and providing a hub for in-house labels 405 Recordings, VelcroHouse, Micropope and Drumb. | |
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