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HD Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston "Alchemy" (Official Music Video)

Above & Beyond feat. Zoë Johnston "Alchemy" (Official Music Video)
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Listen to the Acoustic version: Buy/Stream: Follow A&B on Spotify: Subscribe to our channel: A tale of a betrayed love that once burned so bright, the official music video for Above & Beyond's «Alchemy» (feat. Zoë Johnston) begins with a jilted lover (Mackenzie Firgens) coming face-to-face with the painful realisation that the man she loves is cheating with another woman. Tapping into all the complex emotion and intensity of the song's lyrics, the story unfolds dramatically with it becoming painfully clear just who is the «golden one» within this love triangle. Caught by both gripping despair and cathartic release, Firgens' character finally breaks free from the situation — but not the pain — in a dramatic, closing forest scene. Following on from the appearance of Steven Berkoff in the last video for «On My Way To Heaven» the band have cast Hollywood actress Mackenzie Firgens, the star of classic clubbing movie Groove (with John Digweed) and the brand new Butcher Brothers film The Thompsons. The video is directed by Jonas Mayabb, a previous double winner of the prestigious Young Director Award. Above & Beyond's «Alchemy» (feat. Zoë Johnston) is the latest single to be taken from the trio's critically acclaimed second artist album «Group Therapy» and is out now on Anjunabeats — including the much-loved Above & Beyond Club Mix. View the video in Germany: Starring: Mackenzie FirgensDirector: Jonas MayabbMackenzie FirgensFacebook:…Twitter: IMDB: Live Dates: Website: Facebook: Twitter: Soundcloud: Instagram: iTunes: Google+:
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