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Darude Feat Janina Frostell - Dreams

Darude Feat Janina Frostell -  Dreams
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Ville Virtanen (born July 17, 1975), better known by his stage name Darude, he started making music in 1996 and released the hit single «Sandstorm» in late 1999 and subsequent album Before the Storm in 2000. His music is characterized by its progressive/uplifting style.While at a classmate's party, Virtanen played the song «Rude Boy» (written by Swedish artist Leila K) for several times in a row. This earned him the nickname «Rude Boy,» which gradually morphed into «Da Rude», which in turn inspired the name «Darude».Darude began a successful world tour in 2001, releasing Before the Storm: Australian Tour Edition in the process. 2002 saw the release of Before the Storm: Special Edition, featuring a collection of remixes of Darude’s work. Since the release of Rush, Darude has remained on the road, particularly the United States and Eastern Europe.

WMG: Helsinki Music Company
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