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HD James Landino - lol, chiptunes | Chiptunes = #SrsBsns

James Landino - lol, chiptunes | Chiptunes = #SrsBsns
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A delightful reference to the only thing that people remember from YTMND except for its constant ripping-off of /gif/, James Landino brought Running in the 90’s back to life by keeping the Running in the 90’s rhythm and incorporating lyrics to replace the verse melody, returning to a simple and pure Running in the 90’s chorus. Although short, it was a fantastic moment to reminisce to times I almost received speeding tickets to this song. ~Glenntai~- — Read more from Glenntai on The ChipWIN Blog — -This meme is a love note to an old internet joke called, «lol, internet.» originating from YTMND. This meme introduced me the world of eurobeat and its sub genres. This is an homage to a few of my favorite tracks.- — Follow James Landino- — - — Lyrics — -lol- — #SrsBsns Playlist — -- — Volume 3 Playlist — -- — Expansion Pack Playlist — -- — Volume 1 Playlist — -- — About Chiptunes = WIN m|♥️|m/ — -ChipWIN started out in early 2011 as a humble little Fb fan group. Since then, it has morphed into a dynamic international chiptune collective focused on promoting & fostering a more open and interactive «chipscene».Oh right. And we also make really awesome chip comps. ;)- — Mission — -To bring people together from in and outside of the scene to do awesome and exciting things for & with chipmusic;to create a positive space for fans, new artists, and established musicians to discuss, promote, and learn;to continue finding new audiences to expose to chiptune, and new avenues through which to expand its reach; to revel in the love of this fantastic music with an extraordinary collective of creative individuals.m|♥️|m/- — Subscribe — -- — Download Chiptune Music — -- — The ChipWIN Blog — -- — Facebook Group — -- — Musician Map — - - — Chat — -- — Follow Chiptunes = WIN — -
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